Review: A Totally Awkward Love Story by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

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26192555Title: A Totally Awkward Love Story

Authors: Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: Hardcover, 320

Publication: May 3, 2016 by Delacorte Press

Right from the beginning, A Totally Awkward Love Story grabbed and pulled me into the story. This story is about two characters, Hannah and Sam, who are both struggling to find the things that they want from the world. Hannah wants to lose her virginity and find her “lobster” (aka her true love) before college, and Sam wants to lose his virginity and move on to another girl. When Hannah and Sam randomly meet at a party and completely hit it off, all that they think about is each other. Although they both have different friend groups and go to different schools, Sam and Hannah vow to themselves that they’ll find each other. After two failed hook-ups (with other people), a falling out with a friend, heartbreak, and exam results, Hannah and Sam finally find love in each other.

What I loved the most about this story is that it’s told by two different perspectives: Hannah and Sam, both of which are going through exactly the same things. These two narrators, though starkly different, have the same completely dorky and adorable qualities. The best thing about the narrators is that they’re insanely funny and incredibly witty. These two perspectives had me laughing out loud several times.

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Waiting on Wednesday: King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

Raise your hand if your dying to get your hand on Victoria Aveyard’s next book!

****raises hand aggressively****


Publication: February 7, 2017


I know February is a long way away. But I just don’t care.

I’m dying to get my hands on this beautiful and amazing and insert-excessively-positive-adjective-here book.

Recently, Victoria Aveyard revealed the beautiful cover of the third book in the Red Queen series, King’s Cage. The cover is completely to die for, and I really miss Maven, so I can’t wait to read this.

What are you waiting for this Wednesday?