Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Under 2000 Ratings

Today’s topic is: “Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Under 2000 Ratings.”

Well, as I was browsing my Goodreads list to find some books for the post, I realized I was only able to find 3 books that hit both criteria.

The Leaving Season by Cat Jordan – 303 ratings

I looovvvveeeddd this book. In fact, I read it in basically one sitting. While the story was casual and the dialogue genuine, the story was so incredibly moving.

A Totally Awkward Love Story by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison – 1,407 ratings

I think the title basically sums up this book. It’s cute, hilarious, and extremely cringe-worthy (not the writing, just the character’s stories, which is what makes it so relatable).

The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando Skyhorse – 1,870 ratings

My entire freshman class at my university had to read this book for  a special freshman seminar Vanderbilt hosts every year. It follows the lives of several Mexican-Americans as they deal with trying to fit in to a country that won’t quite accept them. While I’m not an immigrant or a Mexican-American, I am a person of color, and this book really hit me hard. Brando Skyhorse completely understands what it feels like to live in a place that, sometimes, you don’t feel like you belong in. It was excellent.

What books have you enjoyed that are under 2000 ratings?


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