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Okay so it’s no secret that Allegiant isn’t my favorite book. I don’t like it. I don’t hate it. I’m just really bleh about the ending to the Divergent series, which, to me, is hella sad because Divergent offered so much promise for the series. It’s a known fact that the Divergent movies are very different from the Divergent books. Divergent was pretty similar up until the end, but Insurgent was pretty different from the book. Most of those differences I really didn’t mind. Allegiant was almost the same way. Almost.

The beginning of Allegiant basically picks up right where Insurgent left off. The residents of Chicago head towards the wall, only to be blocked by Evelyn’s army. Evelyn is convinced that the outside is not exactly safe for the people of Chicago, and she was pretty right. However, despite her intentions to keep her people safe, Evelyn is not exactly the best at keeping the peace. She allows “fair trials” for Jeanine’s conspirators, which always ended with a bullet in someone’s head. Not exactly the best thing for creating a peaceful society. The trials literally felt like a Donald Trump rally if I’m being completely serious.

One of the big things that I’m mad about is that they didn’t include the ferris wheel scene from Allegiant. That’s literally my favorite scene in the entire book. Other than that, there are a lot of good FourTris scenes in the movie

In order to save Caleb from his trial, Tris and Four break him out to take him to the outside. Tris, Four, Caleb, Peter, Tori, and Christina all escape to the outside wall, accompanied by a pretty amazing chase scene. I really love how this movie series films and choreographs its fight scenes. While their escape should make them super happy and excited, of course something has to come and crush their happiness. Tori dies. True to the book, her death was sudden and devastating.

Everything from here on out is very different from the book. Like majorly. The general plot points remain the same, but the way that it is accomplished is extremely different.

I really enjoyed the group meeting the Bureau. The technology and CGI that was used is so interesting and cool, and I absolutely loved it. It makes the movie so much more visually appealing than how I imagined in the books. Props to whoever thought of using this tech in the movies. I especially loved the decontamination scene. While Matthew was extremely creepy (like he was giving me some real stalker vibes), the technology used to decontaminate the group is so great. Additionally, each person in the group receives a tattoo on their wrist, which represented their genetic “purity.”

***Just a note: I’m not really going to go into the genetic pure and damaged people because it honestly isn’t that interesting to talk about.

I feel like the movie didn’t really do the book justice in this regard.After the shower type thing, the movie introduces a lot of exposition in a small amount of time. They explain how the Chicago (and other city) experiments started and why they continued. I both loved and hated the way they did this. The way they showed the information was very visually appealing. It made you want to pay attention. At the same time, the placement of this scene is odd and a little awkward. It interrupts the flow of the movie.

Once they leave their little information chamber thing, Matthew introduces the group to the people of the Bureau, and it was SO creepy how everyone knew them. It really added to the uneasiness that the a
udience is supposed to feel about the Bureau.

The David and Tris scenes felt very different from the book. They weren’t as informative and interesting as the scenes between them in the books. Also, I think the reader understands that they’re not supposed to trust David WAY earlier than in the book. However, I think that’s just because, for whatever reason, the directors, screenwriters, and producers decided to speed the plot along in the movie way faster than in the book.

In the book, Four finds out about David’s real intentions from Anita, who takes him to see rebels who want to attack the Bureau. The movie, on the other hand, makes Four go out on a “humanitarian” mission as a soldier to basically take children from their families only to raise them in the Bureau. Because of this, the audience is finally introduced to the memory serum, whereas in the book, Four finds about it from Anita. Yet again, a huge difference from the book.

The last part of the movie is Tris, Four, and the gang going back to Chicago to save its residents from the memory serum that David wants to unleash in order to reinstate the factions. I didn’t like this. Not at all. The end of this movie happened so quickly, but it felt like it lasted forever. Tris stops the memory serum from being released throughout the city, which is basically the ending of the Allegiant book. The ending left me feeling very unsatisfied and confused. I have no idea what they’re going to do in the last movie. There’s not very much left to do. The only plot point from the book that’s left is the death serum, which isn’t something that, I think, will make for an interesting last movie. I really hope that they think of something to fill the space of the last movie.

Additionally, I just have to say, I have a problem with this villain. He’s not intimidating. He’s not intriguing. He’s not evil. The only thing he is is ambiguous (because of his dedication to science), and that is not a convincing villain. To keep people interested in these movies, you need to have an interesting villain.

Also, it the thing that happens in the very end of Allegiant doesn’t happen, I will be very angry. To me, it’s basically the only redeeming quality of the Allegiant book.

In short:

The first 75% of the movie was interesting and fun. The last part, however, was not very captivating. It left me feeling very unsatisfied and unsure about the future of this movie franchise. Despite my pretty low expectations, I was pretty disappointed with the movie. So, if you’re a Divergent super fan, I would definitely recommend going into the movie with an open mind. Like don’t expect the books. At all.



2 thoughts on “Allegiant Movie Review

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Great review! I’m actually looking forward to seeing this one. Even though I know it will deviate (I’m only reading Allegiant now). I agree about the fight scenes and choreography- as much as people hated the Insurgent movie I thought the fights and some other aspects were well done. I am very anxious to see what’s “outside” since I’ve been waiting for that for 2 books (and movies) now lol. I just won’t expect it to parallel the book much. 🙂


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