Top Ten Resolutions I Have For 2016

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  1. I want to read more books! This year was a huge struggle for reading books. With graduating high school and starting college, I barely had any time in 2015 to read for pleasure. Even though I know college is super busy and hard, I need to make time for myself to read more.
  2. I want to finish several series that I’ve started, but have not finished. This one has been on my mind forever. I’ve started a shit ton of series, but haven’t finished them, and I hate doing that. It feels so weird having not finished them.
  3. I want to start some new series. Because of my YA hiatus, I’ve missed out on a lot of series in 2015! There are so many new series that look amazing, but I just haven’t gotten around to reading them.
  4. I want to be more dedicated to my blog. This one is going to be hard. It’s not that I don’t love my blog; I do. I love it and what it’s evolved into. It’s just that sometimes I get so busy with my school work and personal life, that I don’t leave enough time for the things that I love doing the most, like reading and reviewing.
  5. I want to improve my writing. This doesn’t just go for my blog. While I’m hoping that this year I will refine my blog writing style, I think I have it down pretty well. This is more directed to my other writing projects. I’m currently working on a multi-chapter Hunger Games fanfiction that I’m extremely excited about. I’ve also started a blog on Tumblr that consists of my other, non-Fandom related, writing.
  1. I want to continue my internet projects. Not only do I run this blog, I also write for The Fandom (an entertainment news website), write a multi-chapter Hunger Games fic, and run a blog for my personal writing. I loovvveee all the stuff that I do, so I hope 2016 will be a year for dedication to my projects
  2. I want to improve my mental and physical health. While I’ve experienced depression since my early middle school years, this year, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and began taking medication to treat it. I’m hoping this year will be a year of stable mental health. Additionally, my physical health hasn’t been all that great. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome earlier this year, and I’ve always struggled with my weight. This year, I’m hoping that I will be able to somewhat treat my PCOS and get healthier in terms of my weight.
  3. I don’t want to stress as much. Yeah, this one speaks for itself. I just don’t want to be stressed out all the damn time.
  4. I want to increase my GPA. My GPA for my first semester of college was pretty good, but I want it to be even higher.
  5. I want to figure out my major and minor! When I started school, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to major in, but that has since changed. I’m currently leaning towards a major in Political Science and a minor in American Studies, but who knows.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Resolutions I Have For 2016

  1. jazminjade says:

    My list this week is just series I want to finish this year. there are so many…. Being more committed to my blog is also something I want to work on. I was much better last year than the one before, but I am still not at the level I want to be.

    Great list 🙂


  2. Brocs Bookcase says:

    Great choices for 2016.
    I put to finish series on my list this week too, I am so excited for the final book in the Winners Trilogy to be released this year. I love it so much. I hope you get round to finishing across the universe, I really enjoyed reading that trilogy.
    There are also some series on your list to start this year that I would love to start too. The 100 and Red Queen being two of the ones I most want to read this year. I literally just read all of the Lunar Chronicles in the last few months of 2015 and LOVED them. I really hope you do too.
    I hope you have a happy and healthy 2016 and managed to achieve all your goals. Happy Reading! 🙂


  3. Auggie says:

    Fantastic new years resolutions! Don't feel guilty over being busy! I felt that way too when I first started blogging. You're going to find your groove, one that fits in with your super busy new life! Starting college is an AWESOME adventure and it's really demanding. You can definitely do everything (including your blog) but give yourself some love and space to chill and not worry so much about scheduling everything just right. The blog should be fun!

    I also need to finish the series that I start! I just get so caught up in other books that I forget to come back to them!

    You've got a great list and you've got the whole bookish community cheering you on. *shakes pompoms around*

    Good luck and a very happy bookish near year! Auggie's TTT


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