Reverse Author Interviews: Marissa Meyer

Reverse author interviews, an event hosted by Book Munchies, is where instead of the blogger interviewing the author, the author will be reviewing the blogger. Today’s questions come from Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles (Cinder and Scarlet).

1. It seems that when I tell most bloggers that there won’t be a love triangle in The Lunar Chronicles, they seem weirdly grateful for that. So what’s the un-official blogger status on love triangles in YA these days? If you’re not burned out on them entirely, then what do you feel makes a good love triangle?

  • Haylie and I both love love triangles. Personally, it’s one of my favorite things in fiction. I love finding a good love triangle and having my heart torn to pieces (it’s sadistic, but true). It’s a fun thing to be able to enjoy, but only if it’s good. Reading as many YA books as I read, I’ve come across far too many love triangles that 1) aren’t really love triangles, but claim to be 2) are sad attempts at a love triangle 3) or just really bad triangles. But there are some really great love triangles in YA literature. Take the love triangle in The Infernal Devices series for example. It’s epic, and has the ability to tear your heart into millions of little pieces.
2. What are your writing and/or author promoting pet peeves?
  • False advertisement. By that, I mean when an author tells me, book trailers, or the synopsis is something completely different than what the book actually is about.
3. Is there anything you feel is missing from the YA genre right now, or anything you’d like to see more of?
  • You can find almost anything in the YA genre. You have dystopians, contemporary, sci-fi, romance, fantasy, etc., but you hardly ever see any historical fiction. I love history, and I would love to see more of great stories placed in different time periods.


One thought on “Reverse Author Interviews: Marissa Meyer

  1. Kay says:

    This is an awesome event I haven't heard of before. How fun!

    I agree with you on love triangles. When they are done well I usually enjoy them. Especially when the main character ends up with the person I want them to end up with. 🙂


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